Private Referrals

Guide to private referrals through your insurance company

  1. Once you have seen the GP and agreed on a private referral, call your insurance company. They will need to know the specialty you are being referred to (e.g. Cardiology for heart problems, Orthopaedics for musculoskeletal problems, etc.)
  2. The insurance company will give you a list of consultants they will cover locally (or near your place of work) within that speciality. Choose one of the consultants and call their secretary to arrange an appointment. Most consultants will have a webpage on the hospital’s website detailing some of their special interests and the secretary’s contact details can be found here if your insurance company have not already provided this.
  3. Finally, call our secretaries on 0118 918 7895 to let them know who you are seeing and when so they can forward the referral letter your GP has written. Sometimes your insurance company will ask for the referral letter before any further arrangements can be made, our secretaries will be happy to forward the referral letter to you or the insurance company by email. Please be aware that the insurance company must provide a secure email address.

Please be patient; although you are being referred for a private consultation, we are still an NHS service and our secretaries work tirelessly to get things done but it will realistically take them a few days to type up your referral letter.