Travel Vaccinations

What to do if you require travel vaccinations

As the surgery is not currently offering travel vaccinations, this information has been prepared to help patients arrange their travel vaccinations by alternative routes.

There are 3 possible ways to obtain your travel vaccinations:

  • 1. Masta, the UK’s largest network of private health clinic provides personalized advice and vaccinations, antimalarials and retail products that are tailored to your travel plans.
  • 2. Boots (central Reading branch in the Oracle only)
  • 3. Superdrug (central Reading branch in Broad Street only)

Steps to follow:

  • 1. You will first need to ensure you have an up to date list of your current vaccinations and the dates they were administered. The surgery can provide this on request, or if you have online access you will be able to find the information there.
  • 2. Phone Masta on 0330 100 4200 or email
  • 3. Boots in the Oracle Centre on 0118 9587529 (ext 3) or e-mail
  • 4. Superdrug in Broad Street on 0118 9503264 or through the booking line on 03333 111007 to arrange a review of the vaccination requirements for your travel destinations. They will then tell you what vaccinations you need and their relevant costs.
    This review will cost £40.00 per person at Masta, but is free through Boots provided you have the vaccinations through them. Superdrug is also free provided you have the vaccinations through them; otherwise there is a £20 charge.
  • 5. For Masta, vaccinations can be booked through Newdays Pharmacy, 60 Wensley Road, Reading RG1 6DJ (near the Berkshire Independent Hospital) on 0330 100 4106 or 0118 959 0270. For Boots and Superdrug these can be booked through their central Reading stores on the above numbers (Point 2).
  • 6. All organisations should provide you with a travel health passport with a record of all vaccinations and the next due dates where appropriate.
  • 7. It is also advisable to provide evidence of any vaccinations to Balmore Park Surgery so these can be added to your NHS records.
  • 8. Once you have a Travel Health Passport you should be able to arrange future vaccinations direct with the company you have used. REMEMBER you will require a further review if visiting new travel destinations. If in doubt, a further review should always be undertaken.

Enjoy your travels!

Prepared by Balmore Park Surgery Patients Participation Group
November 2020