Covid-19 Vaccine Update: 11th February 2021

Across Balmore Park and Emmer Green Surgeries, we have now given more than 5,500 patients their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. The uptake has been excellent in cohorts 1-4, over 94%.

The supply of vaccine to our surgeries has slowed down considerably. We are using the few vaccines that we do have, to complete the first dose vaccinations for the first 4 cohorts. We can start to vaccinate patients in further Cohorts as vaccine becomes available.

We have been working hard to reach the very small number of patients from group 1-4 who have not yet been vaccinated, or declined the offer of a vaccine. If you believe that you or someone you know has been missed, please telephone your surgery.

Many of you in Cohort 5 will soon receive letters from NHS England inviting you to book a vaccine appointment at one of the mass vaccination sites. We would like to encourage you to take up this offer so that you can have a vaccine as soon as you can.

We urge you all to keep following government guidelines regardless of having your vaccination and to stay at home apart from for essential journeys and maintain hands, face, and space precautions.

As always, please pass this update onto friends, neighbours and relatives who do not have access to the internet.