Covid Vaccinations Update Sunday 10th January

We have been notified to expect our first delivery of Covid Vaccinations on Thursday 14th January.

The first clinics will run on Friday 15th January and Saturday 16th January. We are starting with our oldest patients. Those with a mobile phone will receive an invitation by text message and will be able to book an appointment slot. Those who do not have a mobile phone will be telephoned by staff and an appointment booked.

There are a number of questions that need to be asked of those that are booked. All will receive a phone call for the questions to be asked and to give them the information that they need. So those booking electronically will still receive a phone call.

We will begin vaccinating the care home patients and those who are truly housebound the week commencing 18th January.

Please do not phone the surgery to ask when your relative or yourself will be getting the vaccine, we will call you.

Those who do not want to have the vaccine will be followed up and given another opportunity to have it.

For those of you who are bringing relatives to the clinic, it is at Emmer Green Surgery, and carers will not be able to come inside unless absolutely essential. There will be assistants and wheelchairs available for those who need them.

Social distancing will be observed at the clinic. Many staff will have already been vaccinated and all will have lateral flow testing prior to the commencement of the clinic. This is to ensure maximum safety for both patients and staff.

The Caversham PCN has approximately 14000 people to vaccinate. This will impact on the level of normal service that continues to run. Essential services such as wound dressings, childrens’ immunisations and cervical screening will continue. If you find a lump, develop a change in bowel habbit or are in pain, you will still receive care so do not wait until the vaccination campaign has finished. Just please be very patient and accept that we are doing the best we can in the circumstances.

Balmore Park Surgery