Letter to our patients

Dear Patient,

I am pleased to let you know that my wife and I are expecting a baby in November. Unfortunately, this will create a fair level of disruption for you as a patient of mine as I will be off for two weeks of paternity leave once the baby is born.

As we cannot predict when the baby will arrive, from November all my appointments will be ‘on-the-day’ only appointments and you will not be able to book advanced appointments temporarily. We will still make them available online to avoid too much pressure on reception and the phone lines each morning. This makes more sense than having to cancel two weeks’ worth of patients once the baby comes.

Whilst I am off, my absence will be dealt with in the usual way with cover from my colleagues and you will be able to book in advance again.

I am sorry for the disruption it will cause, we will do our best to minimise it but I think it is impossible to avoid so we want to make sure patients are aware.

Due to the high number of patients on my list, the postal costs of sending this letter to everybody becomes unmanageable so we are targeting those that we have an email address for. If you know fellow patients on my list, do mention it in case they have not received the message as we still have a large number of patients who have not registered their email with us or do not use email at all.

Best wishes,

Dr Tom Back