Patient Update 18th January 2021

The first Covid clinics have now taken place and over 1100 Caversham and Emmer Green patients have now been vaccinated.

In addition to this all of the residents of St Luke’s and The Oaks and their staff have also been vaccinated.

Further vaccination clinics will be taking place this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. These will again be taking place at Emmer Green Surgery.

We are continuing to telephone and invite those patients for whom we do not have a mobile number or who have not responded to a text message.

Patients that we have listed as housebound will not receive the same invitation. Tomorrow a letter will be sent to them to let them know that we know that they are housebound and as soon as we have the Astra Zeneca we will arrange a home visit to vaccinate them.

We have also sent letters to those patients that we have not been able to reach by telephone to ask them to call us so we can book them in.

Many patients have received letters from NHS England inviting them to one of the Vaccination Hubs within a 45 minute drive. Whilst elderly and frail people do have this option, they must not feel under pressure to do so, we will vaccinate them.

We realise that not everyone has access to the internet or looks at Facebook. We hope that those of you reading this that have friends or loved ones that this information affects will share it with them to offer some reassurance. We are working as fast and as hard as we can to reach everyone but phoning elderly people wo have a hearing impairment and are often very worried, can be a slow process, especially when many staff are also working at the clinics. But please be assured that we are making progress and we will get to everyone as soon as we can.