Patient Update 26 January 2021

Our COVID vaccine clinics are running very smoothly in partnership with Emmer Green Surgery. More than 3,400 Pfizer vaccines have now been given across the two surgeries. We have had lots of positive feedback on the organisation and attentiveness of staff, so thank you for these comments.

We are not receiving a delivery of the Pfizer vaccine this current week, and are waiting to hear when we will next receive a delivery. We have however, received a delivery of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Therefore, we will be running small AstraZeneca clinics this coming Saturday at both Emmer Green and Balmore Park Surgeries. It is possible to host our individual surgery clinics this time because this vaccine has a less complex storage requirement.

Please do not telephone the surgery as we will invite people to attend either by text or telephone. We will be inviting patients who have yet to receive their vaccine in categories 1, 2, 3 and 4, so if you are in one of these categories and have not been contacted yet, you will receive a text or call this week for your appointment.

We have also started vaccinating our housebound patients. We are trying to telephone patients or their carers the day before a visit takes place so that they get some warning, but some are proving difficult to reach. A visit will however still be attempted. It should take a few week for us to visit all housebound patients. Those who are currently isolating or in hospital, will be contacted again when they are well enough to receive the vaccine.

Residents of our learning disability homes and their staff will also be vaccinated this week.

Please remember that we do not yet know if people who have had the vaccine can still pass on the virus to others, so please maintain all precautions even when you have had the vaccine.

We would be very grateful if you could pass on this information to your friends, family and neighbours who do not have access to the internet or use social media.