Patient Update 28th April 2021

Dear Patients,

The Covid vaccination program has continued throughout the last month, mostly 2nd doses for those who received their first vaccine in January. Those of you who are yet to receive your second dose, you will be invited by the 11th week after your original vaccine, please do not worry or telephone the practice to find out when you are being invited as this blocks our telephone lines for those who have urgent problems.

All housebound patients who were available, have now had their second doses, and arrangements are being made for those who were stuck in hospital at the time to have their second dose next week.

The following is the uptake for cohorts 1-9 so far.

Cohort Fully Vaccinated First Dose Only Not Vaccinated
1 91% 6% 3%
2 93% 5% 2%
3 95% 3% 2%
4 80% 15% 5%
5 45% 49% 6%
6 8% 79% 13%
7 5% 85% 10%
8 9% 80% 11%
9 6% 81% 13%

Our patients aged 42 and over, that have been invited through the National Booking Service have been responding well.

The work involved in organising, planning and running the Covid vaccination clinics has meant that we do have a backlog of our normal administrative work. Please can we ask you to bear with us whilst we continue to run the clinics as this does mean that we are unable to complete other tasks in as timely a fashion as we would like, but vaccinating our local population does have to take priority at this time. It is likely to be a few months before we are fully back to normal.

We recognise that many of our patients are very stressed at this time and we want to be as supportive as we can. However many staff have received a much higher level of abuse recently which is unacceptable and actually creates more delays. So please can we ask you to remain calm and understand that our workload has been dramatically affected by the Pandemic and so it will take longer for you to receive the things you ask for.

Please still follow the government guidelines for social distancing.

We will update this information regularly and you can find more information:CCG website:

NHS E website: