Patient Update 30th March 2021

Covid vaccination clinics have continued to run with an excellent uptake in the top 5 cohorts, and an improving uptake in Cohorts 6-9. Please can we encourage anyone who is aged over 50 and not yet vaccinated, to book an appointment through the National Booking Service on 119.

Anyone who has an underlying health condition or is in Cohorts 1-4 and has not yet had their vaccine, please do get in touch and let us know that you want it. We have now contacted everyone in Cohorts 1-9, but if you have previously declined to have it and have changed your mind, we are very happy to give it to you. However, first dose Astra Zeneca clinics will not be running at the surgeries until after April 10th.

Clinics for the 2nd doses of Pfizer vaccine will be running at Emmer Green Surgery from 1st to 10th April. All patients are currently being contacted to book an appointment. If you have not heard from us yet, please do not worry or telephone, we are still in the process of calling, and will be for the next few days.

Due to many staff needing to be seconded to the Pfizer clinics, both surgeries will be running a more limited service for pre-bookable appointments from the 6th-9th April, so you will find it difficult to pre book an appointment for the week following Easter. Please bear with us as this is an unavoidable consequence of running the vaccination clinics. There will, however, always be a service for immediately necessary problems at both surgeries, so do not put off getting advice if you feel you have a serious problem.

Please still follow the government guidelines for social distancing.

We will update this information regularly and you can find more information: