Patient Update 30th November

Dear Patients,

Covid Vaccinations

Many of you will have heard the announcement from the Government yesterday that there will be changes made to the speed of the rollout of the Covid Vaccine Boosters.

Please can we encourage everyone that when you receive a text message from NHS England inviting you to have a booster vaccine, that you book through the National Booking Service (NBS). It may be a few days before you hear from NHS England as the Government announcement has been made prior to any information being given to either Primary Care or the NBS and changes to a number of systems must be made before the invitations can be sent at earlier intervals.

Please do not wait to be invited by the surgery. We are only able to cope with relatively small numbers of patients and you will find it much more convenient to book through the NBS as they can offer appointments 7 days a week and at various times of day. We have a small amount of vaccine to use up but then will only be focusing on those who are unable to have their vaccine through the NBS.

It is currently possible for people who had their 2nd vaccine 6 months ago to turn up at the Walk In Centre without booking. They also have an evergreen offer for first and second doses. So, if you did not previously want the vaccine but have now changed your mind, it’s ok, you can still have it.

Cohort Current Uptake of Booster
1.     People living in Residential Care 90%
2.     Age 80+ and Health&Social Care Workers 87%
3.     Age 75-79 87%
4.     Age 70-74 or Covid High Risk 83%
5.     Age 65-69 66%
6.     Age 16-64 with underlying health condition 30%
7.     Age 60-64 23%
8.     Age 55-59 16%
9.     Age 50-54 12%

The drive in clinic for housebound patients went well, although we were hampered by people who left their cars in the car park despite being asked not to.

We are gradually visiting all housebound patients who have not yet been vaccinated and we are hoping to have completed all of these by the end of the year.

Appointments Following Travel Over Seas

If you have travelled abroad, it is now necessary for you to have a PCR test within 48 hours of your return and for you to isolate until you have a negative result for this PCR. Please DO NOT come to the surgery until you have a negative PCR. Please ask for a telephone consultation instead.

Wasted Appointments

10% of people who had an appointment booked at the Covid vaccination clinic on November 27th did not turn up.

25% of people who had booked their child in at the flu vaccine clinic yesterday did not turn up.

169 people did not turn up for their appointment with a doctor or nurse this month. This is the equivalent of 1.5 weeks of doctor appointments.

Appointments are precious and people often have to wait a longer time than we would like for them. People who do not turn up for booked appointments make this problem much worse.

Face Masks

Must be worn by everyone attending the surgery. Only those with an exemption lanyard are excluded from this. The Reception staff work behind a Perspex screen and do not wear a face mask so that those who are hard of hearing are able to understand them.

We hope you all stay safe and well and we will endeavour to keep you up to date with any changes.