Patient Update Regarding Covid Vaccines Given Overseas

We have received a number of enquiries from patients who have received either one or both Covid vaccinations overseas. The concern is that although we enter it on the person’s clinical record, they are not visible on the NHS App. I have asked our Clinical Commissioning Group for guidance on this and this is the response that I have had:

This is a very commonly reoccurring issue and is being worked on heavily behind the scenes. However unfortunately, it is not currently possible to add details of vaccinations abroad into the UK NHS systems. The advice from National Vaccination Operations Centre (NVOC) is that they are working on a solution and will notify as and when the issue is resolved.

So unfortunately at the moment there isn’t anything we can do to help this. All that we can do is provide a copy of your vaccination history should you require it, but we cannot guarantee that this will be satisfactory in all situations.

Thank you
Balmore Park Surgery